About Lash Naturals

Eyelash Extensions. Naturally. 

Imagine waking up ready to go: Feel naturally beautiful...Swim and sweat all you want...No need for mascara...Imagine lightweight, hassle-free lashes...Introducing Lash Naturals: Eyelash Extensions. Naturally.


Who We Are

Lash Naturals is a Canadian cosmetic eyelash extension product line owned by it's parent company, NaturalEyes. NaturalEyes invests in products and companies who adhere to the high standards mentioned, and Lash Naturals is their very own brand. 

Our Philosophy

We value beauty and nature. Our goal is to provide customers with the most sustainable product. "Natural" comes in many forms; whether it's  natural in appearance, form or texture, a natural-based or organic product, or helping to preserve the environment through recyclable and re-usable materials.