microblading permanent makeup eyelash extension wholesale supplier

Our Philosophy

Welcome to NaturalEyes Academy and Supply.  We are Canada's premium Eyelash Extension Training Academy and Wholesale Supplier for all Eyelash Technicians.    We are also a leading provider of Microblading / Permanent Makeup supplies.  

We are a team of entrepreneurs in the professional beauty industry, who are passionate about success, personal growth, education, and the environment. With more than 11 years of experience in the beauty and retail industry, NaturalEyes provides the highest quality service to our customers to allow them to achieve their goals, while maintaining our own personal integrity and beliefs. We value beauty and nature-our goal is to provide consumers with the most sustainable products. "Natural" comes in many forms; whether it's natural in appearance, form or texture, a natural-based product, or helping to preserve the environment through recyclable and re-usable materials. NaturalEyes invests in products and companies who adhere to these standards.